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Flash E-Cards - Seahorse

This set consists of 11 short animations with male and female versions for each E-Card category of the website.

Click on any category to see the animation:

If you can't see the animations, you can get the latest Flash plugin for your web browser from the Adobe website by clicking here

Seahorse Sketch

After selecting the type of character I made a quick sketch of it to deceide what drawing style would be using in the animation.

The difficult part is not only to create a character that can be developed quickly, but to create an interesting 20 seconds story from the customer's initial idea and to make it attractive to be sent as E-Card.

Seahorse Sketch

To save time in creating the different stories I used ActionScript 3 to automate the background fishes, their bubbles, the eyes blinking and some other movements. The seahorses are colored by using Flash filters.



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