Flash - Banner Displayer

This is a small but complex animation that integrates in the Pink-Pound home page.
It consists of a search bar demo together with a banners displayer.

This Flash integration allows interactivity without force the user to leave the page (e.g. you can place the mascot around the web page with some info messages or open a video window when the user moves the cursor over certain area).


The search bar demo works as follows:

1 - The animation starts minimized then waits some time to start. This way it won't bother the users every time the home page is loaded.
2 - The mascot writes a random text from a list passed by an external variable and press Search.
3 - The animation waits again to show two banners from a list that is passed by an external variable too.

The animation stops if the user mouse over the text box to allow him to use the 'real' search bar. Flash make JavaScript calls to change its own size and position on the web page.

While the search bar is in use (which means either the text box or the search button gets focus), the Flash animation keeps quiet to not interfere with the user. When the search bar loses its focus, the animation is activated again. Both actions are controlled with JavaScript.

In the live version, the text comes from real data from the database, so the user can have an idea of what information he can search.
The banners and their URLs are also passed by external variables, so we can select what banners we want to use every time or add more banners in the future without modifying the Flash file.

To avoid the animation becoming monotonous by displaying the same information on every page load, it will get a demo text string randomly and then continues sequentially. The same behavior is applied for banners.

Changes for this demo:

The time delay is 4 seconds for animation start and 5 seconds for banners to display.
There is a search bar demo every 4 banners.
The text strings are changed to 'This is a demo...', 'www.pink-pound.co.uk' and 'www.hectorsportfolio.com'.
Banners links has been disabled.


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