Flash - Puzzle Game

Flash Puzzle Game

This is a small puzzle game I made for the E-cards section of Pink-Pound. In the final version the sender can choose from one of the available images or upload their own. The game resizes, crops the image to fit on the screen and slices it into pieces.

Select an image from the list to change the puzzle.

I have included some pictures taken by me for this demo, if you want to use your own pictures, you can visit www.pink-pound.co.uk, try the full version of the game and also send it as an e-card to some friend :)

To make this puzzle I checked different puzzle pages on the web, like Timo Virtanen's tutorial. They didn't have everything I needed, so based on those games I created my own, adding difficulty levels, sounds, reload new images, user interface, winning animation, etc.


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Images published under permission of Pink-Pound.co.uk.