Flash - News

This is a small application that shows info about the latest activities on the site.

This is a demo.
You can see the application working with real data here.

Despite being simple, it shows the site being 'alive' and it's pretty useful for:

  • Promote businesses (Their name and a link to their listing will be shown on the news).
  • Users (Besides knowing about businesses and services, they can find out other things in the site, like the prize draw or the free e-cards service).
  • The site owners (They have a quick overview of what's happening in the web site).

The program is far more complex than it seems at first sight, but I'll try to explain briefly the main behavior:

The application receives the news from two CSV files, one for old news and one for new news (which is updated every minute).
The advantages of using a CSV file is that it takes very little space on the server and it is downloaded quickly, so it doesn't slow down the server or the page loading in the users machine.

This is how the data line in the file looks like:
"Ecard", "Name", "Town"

With that information, the application displays a sentence like:
"Name from Town sent an e-card. Send one too?"
Formatted in HTML and including the link to visit the corresponding page.

Once the news are processed and formatted (with their corresponding icon), they are displayed using a typewritter effect for HTML.

The news are reloaded and updated every 60sec.



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