Kyosei Hero

Kyosei Hero

Project: Kyosei-Systems Mascot.


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They knew what they wanted at Kyosei Systems. One character with a full range of poses and facial expressions representing a business man, the company´s potential customer.

The character needed a look to make the customers identify themselves with him, since he would be used to explain in a friendly way the different services that Kyosei Systems offers.

It also had to be an easy draw to be able to make small size animation files. I used a drawing style very simple, with basic lines that allows a simple animation. The first draft I draw was the chosen one to be the main character.



Story Board

The animation was made in Flash version 6 for two reasons: to be compatible with the most possible machines and to use the compression capabilities of that version, which reduces the file size.

The company´s home page, where the animation is shown, randomly plays the flash file or a small animated gif to avoid the monotony every time the customer access, so maybe you will have to refresh the page to see either the flash animation or the gif file.

The home page also checks that the browser has installed the flash plug-in, otherwise it only displays the animated gif file.


PreloaderFor the slowest connections, I made a preloader that checks at the end of each scene if the next one is completely loaded. If it hasn´t, it preloads the scene before continue.

The animation is compiled in a single 250kb file, containing 7 scenes, so loading it by modem is very fast.




I enjoyed working on this project. They knew what they needed at Kyosei Systems and I used some of my ideas that matched what they wanted to communicate.





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Images published under permission of Kyosei Systems Inc.