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Project: Gate 13 Tattoo Studio.
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For this project I used the logo of the company (a tibetan skull) and a general picture of their studio in Singapore to create the web page design. Following this line, I made several decorations and draft based in the tibetan culture, integrating the company's style.

Several CMS (Content Management System) where shuffled and Joomla was the chosen one, mainly because it´s integration capability with Gallery2 (an images database, one of the main features for the customer). The CMS gives the posibility to the tattoo studio to manage the content by themselves, without depending on anybody else.

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The content manager's capability to change the code of it's modules adapting it to what the web site needs, allowed me to integrate several features, like the image gallery, surveys, etc. as well as make changes in the structure and design pointed by the customer. All this keeping the tattoo studio's personality..


The simplicity of the web site structure makes it useful, fast and easy of access for visitors, something not very common in these kind of web pages.
All the different content is located with ease. Also the images added to the studio's gallery are displayed in the main page.

UPDATE: Unafortunately the studio closed on 2008 leaving more than a thousand unique visitors per week :(



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