End Homophobia Campaign

End Homophobia

Project: Web Design for the End Homophobia Campaign.
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Demo Page: End Homophobia Campaign (Demo Page)


This is the main User Interface of the page


Page Evolution

In this second work for Kyosei Systems, I made the web page design (CSS and images) plus a new and more complex Flash animation.

The project consists on a web page with a main menu made in Flash to give access and inform the user about the different aspect of the campaign in an interactive manner.
The web page layout use the colors of the rainbow to provide it with a structure, making it comfortable to read and keeping the useful aspect.

Main Menu

The Flash menu is divided in four options:
- The first one is a video with images taken from a photo library to illustrate the text provided by the customer.
- The second and third section introduces external content to show the recent contributions to the forum they are refering by accesing to the respective forums databases.
- The fourth option explains the campaign objectives and how people can contribuite.

The menu was made using Flash version 6 to ensure it would be viewed in the most different computers as possible.

Main Menu Main Menu

The pictures of hands wearing the wristbands' campaign were made by me to illustrate the different menu options.

The project was made following the customers directions who also contribuite with the texts and general concept.




Visit End Homophobia Campaign (Demo Page)

Images published under permission of Kyosei Systems Inc.